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Whole Plant Natural Hemp Seed
sow it everywhere and save the soil.

Whole plant hemp farmers dedicated to saving the earths topsoil.
We have a huge problem, all of us are affected by this problem, our soil is dying, a big problem because our soil grows our food. We must save our soil now.
 hemp the whole plant way is what we are doing to save the soil.

Cannabis Sativa L Hemp is a plant that is pulling co2 out of the atmosphere as it grows in a very symbiotic relationship with the living soil.
Most trees take a long time to grow.
Hemp is a tree growing in about 100 days and can be harvested each year without tilling the soil or chopping down any real trees.
We can chop down the hemp trees every year as we build the soil together.

Hemp is the best plant to utilize right now to save our soil, this is our opinion after growing it on our farms and observing the hemp plants keen ability to revitalize soil in just a few seasons.
Hemp is adding organic inputs into the soil as it grows.

We have a generational responsibility to save our soil and we know that Hemp is the tree that can be harvested year upon year as it rebuilds the soil simply by growing it.

We came from the soil, the soil sustains us while we are here, and when it's over we are all going back to the soil, isn't it so?

We need to take action now to save our soil, so how about it? Would you like to do your part?
contact us today and we will send you some hemp seeds to get you started.

Let's Make It Happen

natural hemp seed

276,000 plants per acre

Natural hemp growing in Montana USA

Young Hemp Plant

high yielding hemp

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