We grow for the whole plant


We are hemp seed breeders, who grow hemp the way it grows naturally.

We broadcast 270,000 natural dioecious hemp seeds per acre.


We do not till our soil.

With our way of farming there is zero soil disruption, and our perpetual harvest of whole plant hemp builds the soil as it grows year after year.


With our  hemp seed you can potentially harvest over 600 pounds of hempseed per acre and an additional 5 tons of plant material to include, fiber, flower, hemicellulose and over 400 plus compounds that make up the Cannabis Sativa l Hemp plant.


With the hemp you grow from our seed, your harvested crop can turn be turned into building materials, water filtration, bio digestion, renewable natural gas production, bio pellets to replace coal fired energy, animal feed, biodiesel, CBDA, CBGA, CBD, CBC, CBN, nutrient dense plant protein and more.


We climatize our hemp seeds with natural breeding protocols only.


We only grow with natural heirloom hemp seed that we have developed.


We are a collective of small family owned farms that farm the right way, the whole plant way.


We care about our soil.


No tilling, no synthetic inputs or chemicals needed to grow hemp, just a great way to help save and rebuild the living soil that we are all apart of.

Contact us. for your seeds to save the soil.