We grow the hemp plant for biomass preserving the whole plant and using the whole plant from the roots to the very top flower, nothing is wasted everything is used. 


Fiber, Flower, Cellulose, Terpenoids, Cannabinoids, we farm, harvest, and deliver Whole Plant Products Only.

We sow our seeds the way nature intended, because we are farming for the WHOLE PLANT.

Organic Natural
Hemp and Seed

Growing HempThe Natural Way.

We do not cull the males, we let the field pollinate and harvest the natural hemp seed and flower together.

The Natural Whole Plant Way.

This gives us a proprietary blend of top quality flower and protein rich seed and oil. These our the only ingredients in our Natural Whole Plant Hemp Protein Powder.

We grow the hemp plant as it grows is nature.

We only sow natural heirloom genetics.

We sow our hemp seeds in a population density and planting configuration, that is conducive to a mechanized cultivation and harvest.

Natural Hemp Only
Hemp is a healing plant. 
Hemp produces the most powerful anti-inflammatory medicine in the world. 
The medicine which is derived from hemp treats cancer, epilepsy, and countless other ailments of which we are only beginning to learn and understand.
If there is one plant which should not be compromised and/or subject to forced genetic mutations, it is hemp - especially when simple farm management will not only generate a successful natural crop, but a superior yielding crop grown for the harvest and utilization of the WHOLE Hemp Plant.
The Hemp plant has over 500 plus valuable compounds why would you buy a mutated seed, just to grow and farm it for one of those compounds?
The Answer is You Shouldn't.
Organic Natural Hemp Only.

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